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SECCO specializes in R & D and production of LED intelligent dimming power supply, which is specialized in private customization. Engaged in private customization of LED medium and high-end power supplies for six years, serving high-quality customers such as European EGLO,/GLOBO, Australian HPM/PREMIUM LIGHTING, etc. Design and develop according to customer requirements and provide professional one-on-one service. For more products, please contact the sales staff directly.

Seiko quality 5 advantages


SECCO dimming scheme, the whole American scheme, has been verified for six years. Six years of focus on Australia, Europe intelligent dimming, professional for the world private custom.


SECCO material selection standard, the main components are international brands.


The five protection circuits are the low standard of SECCO'S designed drive power supply.

5 major advantages


SECCE R & D chief engineer, 12 years. I have been engaged in the preparation of control IC programs for large-scale equipment and the production of control panels. For LED intelligent drive power supply, software and hardware can be customized in all directions and serve high-quality customers one-to-one.


SECCO's professional export research and development, production, quality management team, adhere to the high-end certification quality, for the world, private order. Only for the same excellent you, service!

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Zhongshan Secco Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the independent development of LED dimming power products. It focuses on LED dimming and energy saving. It has rich LED dimming experience and strong R & D strength. It is encouraged by the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan. One of the members of the energy-saving and emission-reducing new energy industry.

The company has a large number of professionals and strong technical force. It can propose professional power solutions for the different needs of customers, and is committed to providing professional and personalized green energy for LED lighting, thereby providing competitive products and services.

We have laboratories in the industry, as well as high and low temperature test boxes, lightning surge test equipment, power aging equipment, transformer analyzers, electrolytic capacitor testers, EMC test systems and other reliability test equipment, advanced and complete experimental facilities and high-quality The high-tech R & D team ensures that it can provide customers with stable and reliable performance and value-for-money products.

Our company strictly implements the ISO9001:2000 quality management system to ensure the high quality and long life of LED power supply. Our products have obtained TUV CE,SAA,UL,GS,CCC and other certifications.

SECCOM Optoelectronics


We strictly implement the ISO9001:2000 quality management system to ensure the high quality LED Power supply, long life; our products have passed TUV CE,SAA,UL,GS,CCC certification


Focus on LED dimming energy saving, with rich experience in LED dimming and strong R & D strength, is the country's second five years Plan to encourage the development of energy conservation and emission reduction to become one of the members of the new energy industry.