Lighting Decay


2021-12-15 11:38



Light decay is a very important character of the LED lighting, But we always lost its requirements in the contract \PI. (Secco Dimmable Driver)

Maybe the reason is : it's hard to test the light decay result in a short time ? You know, both buyers and manufacture can't wait for 10000~ 50000 hours testing time

Now we use below ways to test the light decay\life span,as LED's big enemy is heat and current:
1.Put the lights in the Oven(80℃),track its 7~60 days lumin efficiency data(24 hours lighting)(Secco Dimmable Driver)
2.Test the LED chip's temperature and heatsink's temperature. For a good design, the LED Chip's solder point's temperature should<80℃

Above testing way is an "experience way" from our tecnical consultant, he design lighting for 20 years in the frontline. But some times, customer still doubt it, and suppliers also challenge our standard.(Triac Dimmable Driver)

Now, What can I do? Hope you professional suggestions(SAA certified Dimmable Driver)

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